Referral and marketing system that lets users earn money

Referral and marketing system that works on levels, which allows members to make money through referrals and when fellow members buy products and services

PHP(Laravel), MySQLi


A European based company was conducting seminars and a marketing platform for individuals for education purposes. In order to reach out to new customer base, they contacted SperaLabs to guide them towards an e-system to grow their business. The requirement was to build a referral system, where students and clients could encourage and refer new members to join education classes and seminars. When new members get enrolled to courses and seminars, the referral converts into a commission. The platform sells subscriptions and products in 4 levels, each new subscription will get commissions to users.

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

The business had different issues to be addressed when conducting online-

●The entire business system works in a referral system
●Education and marketing materials were sold in a subscription method
●Physical products need to be sold and delivered in a traditional e-commerce method
●4 levels for users – each level of subscription will get commissions from the proceedings from their referral systems
●Referral codes and voucher codes
●Automated weekly incomes to be generated in a report
●Monthly incomes are automatically divided among the users according to above mentioned pattern and distributed to the relevant bank accounts.

Spera Labs concluded the entire project in less than 1 month reaching beyond the expectations of the clients.


The clients successfully transformed into the online method reaching thousands of new members and prospective members. During the lock-downs and quarantine period in 2020 they were able to reach their highest numbers in 8 years of forming the organization.

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