Package tracking application for a logistic solution company

Full logistic flow management software solution with package tracking and monitoring abilities

NodeJS, Angular 6, Google Flutter, MongoDB


A USA based logistics company’s main source of income had been interstate transportation services. Along with e-commerce and other online based solutions, the company expanded to smaller package deliveries within states and local suburbs as well as interstate.

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

The client was competing with a larger network of logistic giants as well as freelance/individual delivery personals. Client intended to create an app which allowed the clients and suppliers to track the progress of single shipments.

SperaLabs happily took over the challenge to create a system that –
● Notifies the customer as soon as the courier personal pick up the products from the supplier
● GPS tracking system allows the customer to know exactly where the product is at any given moment
● Estimated time of delivery calculated automatically considering the delivery products and locations at hand of the delivery driver
● Alerts the customer when the product is 30 mins away, 5 minutes away
● Ability for the driver to call the customer using the in-app calling system which does not charge additional calling fees.
● Alerts the customer and the supplier as soon as the product is dropped at the given location.


The company was able to implement the system in 2 states successfully. Within the following 8 months, they expanded to 2 more states.

The client's goal is to be the most convenient delivery partner in all the states in the USA by 2024.

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