Market place & sales management portal for Japanese car importers

Japanese client to create a market place for car importers and spare parts importers. The successful web turned into mobile applications in 2018, and works in 11+ countries with over 100+ active daily users.

NodeJS, Angular 2, PHP(Laravel), React Native, MongoDB


Japanese car exporter providing services to ship brand new/ used cars as well as spare parts to other countries. Among the company’s clients were from Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

Handling a vast amount of inquiries from multiple countries regarding vehicles and vehicle parts needed to be simplified and automated. SperaLabs was brought in to create a market place for this particular Japanese car importer to manage and sell vehicles and parts in a more organized manner.

SperaLabs created the Vehicle Market Place which included –
● Select vehicle models, years, features and browse through options
● Create the budget/ set price limits
● Check verifications of the vehicle and specs
● Buy a customised warranty option to cater the buyer’s needs
● Online process of filling and applying for leasing options through registered leasing companies through the website itself
● Get unique legal documents and process documents for each individual client
● Reserve a vehicle through part payment and pay later
● Auction system where bids could be placed by multiple potential buyers and would be sold to the highest bidder
● Tracking system of the products and vehicles bought
● Thorough filtering and searching options to sort the exact vehicle parts and requirements
● Safe payment method using card payments or bank transfers using uniquely created reference codes per transaction
● Real time updates on the availability of the vehicles and parts
● In-built chat system with chat-bots for simple questions regarding delivery, payments, warranty details etc. and human interactions if needed for complicated manners.
● Subscription forms linked with automated email marketing campaigns which tracks the users’ behaviour and sends new marketing and promotional material as soon as products are uploaded to the website
● Automated invoicing system
● Automated warranty booklet creation with the buyer details, dates etc. which would be saved on personal accounts and would expire within the conditioned time period.


The project ran in 3 countries as a trial and was proven successful in 2016. Now it works on 11+ countries and caters to more than 100 importers simultaneously.

In 2018 the project was taken a step further by creating an android app as well as an apple app.

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