Healthnet System

A project for the Sri Lankan Government to create and place a central health care system in Sri Lanka

NodeJS, Angular 6, MongoDB


Sri Lankan Government

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

A system for the Sri Lankan government to collect information on the resources used by hospitals and stores around Sri Lanka which are under the control of the health ministry of Sri Lanka. The information collected is used for the management and decision-making purposes of the Health Ministry.

Developing a health records system for the Sri Lankan government has been an honor as much as it has been a pleasure. The system was fully developed with the following features –
● Information and forms on government subsidiaries and benefits to the relevant patients
● Monitoring inventory of hospitals – including the number of beds, medicine available, etc
● Monitoring and accounting time-sheets of medical staff
● Monitoring the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the medical staff and the prescriptions they provide
● Collecting and publishing health care statistics to the Health Ministry
● Automatic ordering system of medicine and other supplies
● Coordinate between different hospitals when transferring or referring a patient to another doctor/hospital
● Generate special reports for GPs/Specialists/nurses/health administrative workers/government authorities


As the first phase of the system was released to the government of Sri Lanka, 2 leading hospitals are on trial using the system as of Jan 2020. In the next 2 years, the Sri Lankan government along with SperaLabs is planning on placing the system in every government-owned hospital in Sri Lanka.

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