Friendly Doctor

Electronic medical record system will work collaboratively among different hospitals and private medical practices and share data regarding patients and health conditions.

NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Google Flutter


Friendly Doctor is an online summary of key health information of people. It was designed and developed by SperaLabs to promote to the Sri Lankan government hospitals as well as private medical practices. The idea was initially formed as Sri Lanka did not have a proper health information system that captures patients details and medical records to be accessed by healthcare providers such as GPs, Specialists and Pharmacists.

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

Challenge was simple. We needed to create a system so simple and user friendly that every party involved would be willing to use it, yet capture all the data and information necessary. Key features of the system includes-
●An overview of a patient’s health uploaded by the family doctor/GP. This allows new doctors to understand the patients’ overall health in a quick snapshot
● Upload reports and scans of the patient to their personal accounts – blood tests, audiometry tests, spirometry tests, fitness tests, MRI and/or ECG reports etc.
● Hospital discharge summaries
● Medications that the doctor prescribed the patient
● Referral letters from the doctors

● Patient’s contact records such as –
○ Emergency contact numbers
○ Current medications
○ Allergy information
○ Previous allergy reactions
○ Any relevant family medical history

A further challenging part of the system included the data learning and prediction system which automatically analyses a patient’s health record system and predicts any future concerns and health issues. This required a tremendous research component for our software engineers. After 4 different versions, Friendly Doctor can successfully predict over 30 different medical predictions that could give a red warning to doctors and patients.

By creating Friendly Doctor, we aimed to allow a better medical system in Sri Lanka, even if the patient travels to different districts/states, in an emergency/accident, when in a situation that the patient is unable to talk or respond, health care providers will


Friendly Doctor works as a subscription model that allows unlimited number of patients to be registered and accessed in a hospital/private medical practice under the patient’s authorisation. Currently more than 41 private medical practices and 4 private hospitals have made Friendly Doctor their only data recording and patient managing system. Data learning and health prediction system had 4 updated versions and still being developed into having more accuracy and increasing the variables in the future for its 5th version.

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