Drop Shipping Business Automated through Drop Boss

Creating a bot to entirely automate the drop shipping business – automatically taking orders, buying from suppliers, updating inventory, updating prices and more.

Node JS, Python, Shell, Angular JS


The client was an established drop shipping guru, with multiple e-commerce sites and with many employees to handle each e-commerce product sold. In 2016 the prospect client contacted SperaLabs to find a solution regarding his time limitations in managing the multiple sites and products, and to solve the problem of employee overheads were increasing rapidly. At that point in time the potential client was making drop shipping sales in US, Europe, Canada and Australia in large scale.

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

Drop shipping is a well-known business model, that centres around the middle-man role. The mandatory element of this business model is to effect the sale of a product by ordering it from the supplier and having it delivered to the customer. The challenge was to make the business model simpler than it already is.

Our AI team and Business Process Automation team collectively crafted a mechanism to reduce human effort in this business model via a clever bot, which we named ‘Drop Boss’. Drop Boss once installed into the system, works consistently in few steps, whilst learning and adapting to change in real time.

Further, it:

1.Picks relevant products automatically from larger e-commerce sites from China by comparing the prices of similar products, supplier quantities etc. Once the products are picked then it places the images and product details on secondary e-commerce sites and multi-vendor sites with an auto calculated profit margin.

2.Analyses the customer’s order and sends an automatic confirmation email to the client;

3.Places an order (makes the payment) with the most price competitive supplier whilst also considering the estimated delivery time; and

4.Completes the entire business process cycle from the order to arranging the delivery of the product.

The Drop Boss is also equipped to handle additional tasks such as:

● Regular checks from vendor websites to keep up with the prices. In case of the price increase or decrease from the suppliers, Drop Boss automatically adjusts the prices after calculating new profit margins and displays them on the client website;

● Regularly checks currency rates and adjust the prices accordingly;

● Checks vendor stock levels and adjusts the home website and advertisements on multi-vendor sites accordingly.


After 3 months of developing and testing Drop Boss, we were able to implement it to the client’s system.

Over the next 2 months, we followed up with the client in tracking the performance of Drop Boss. We successfully managed to make a simple business model even more simpler by automating its entire business process. The client was able to reduce employee overheads to a very large extend and increased the company’s profit margins almost immediately.

Currently the client’s website and multi-vendor site sales along with Drop Boss makes a 6-7 figure sales per year (USD), while the client only focuses on the marketing aspect of the business.

As for the client, he has successfully automated his businesses now. In January 2020 he sent us his best wishes from Hawaii.

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