Creating a Crypto Currency that will Never have Transaction Fees

Create an entire crypto currency and its system + wallet

C++, Python, Node JS, React


In 2017, a group of stable and well backed investors wanted to create a crypto currency. The group had the entire crypto currency plan set out and was in the process of interviewing and reviewing capable IT solution providers. Spera Labs, along with 7 of our highly capable software engineers, engaged in a meeting with the investors via video conference. Within 37 hours of the meeting they selected Spera Labs to be the partner to find the solution to create a new crypto currency.

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

Just as all crypto currencies work, there needs to be peer to peer exchange. It is to be used as a medium of exchange like any other currency, decentralized to avoid counterfeit. The challenge was to create the system in a way where no transaction fees would be charged to the users.

To tackle all the system requirements, we built a block lattice. The block lattice system was chosen as it does not contain millions of bundled transactions. Alternatively, it exists in every transaction sending block on the sender’s account chain and an equivalent receive block on the receivers account chain. The block lattice allowed us to have a system which will have no transaction fees.

The created crypto currency consists of: –
● A decentralized system;
● Block lattice system;
● Currency Wallet;
● High security measures.


With the efforts of 12 software engineers and following 3 months of hard work, the crypto currency was successfully launched and now has thousands of users across multiple countries.

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