CMS and total e-commerce business solution platform

E-Commerce platform to enable users to create their own e-commerce website within minutes without any technical knowledge and letting them manage through the provided backend.

PHP(Laravel), Shell, Vue JS


In 2018 a business giant in USA wanted to dominate the e-commerce market to help small to medium businesses change to online business models. The determined company approached us with strict features and possibilities to build the online platform.

Project Duration

Facing the Challenge and Finding a Solution

The idea was to create a CMS and a total e-commerce business solution that would allow any tech illiterate person to build their entire business online within minutes. The system would allow the SME’s to –
● Select a shop front through 200+ templates
● Create pages and layouts such as home page, products page, about us, checkout page etc.
simply by ‘drag and drop’ of items
● Drag and drop products and placements anywhere suitable for the customer
● Add plugins for additional functionality
● Add SME’s own domain
● Customise shipping settings and set limitations (if any)
● Configure any tax settings applicable for the SMEs
● Set up payment gateways
● Set-up vouchers, redeem codes and promotional codes if needed
● Prepare for launch of the new e-commerce store
● Launch the store
● Template engine – easy to use, multiple templates to select from according to the client
needs. Ability for individual developers to create templates
● Plugin engine – free, buy outright, subscription model plugins available to users.
Independent developers can create plugins and upload to the plugin market.
● Technical doc and guideline setup by SperaLabs along with the client to allow independent
developers to create templates and Plugins

6 of our in-house dedicated software engineers triumphed in creating the entire platform within simply 12 months. The stages were broken down into
● Management – 1 project manager
● Planning and feasibility analysis (all 6 dedicated software engineers)
● Product design (3 UX engineers)
● Tech lead – architectural development, heading the tech team
● Development (all 6 software engineers)
● Implementation and Integration (3 software engineers), creating 200+ templates (2 software
engineers), Creating basic add-ons and additional plugins (2 software engineers)
● Software testing (4 QA engineers), creating 200+ templates (2 software engineers)
● Project manager,
● Installation and maintenance


Within 2 years of the partnership with SperaLabs, we have now created more than 50+ plugins for the platform. SperaLabs maintains the system and takes regular backups. The platform is now becoming one of the most popular CMS e-commerce platforms in the market and it is rapidly evolving. The platform now consists of SMEs of more than 40 countries and the customer plans to rapidly spread it through to the rest of the world. SperaLabs has become their back bone with dedicated software engineers who are ready to work around the clock to adjust and develop the system to take the platform to greater heights.

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